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"Go Landgut": A journey through the history of our estate

During a guided tour of our estate, you will learn the exciting background to the history and use of this historical place. This very lively tour is about the great grandfather of German mobility, about real friendships, about honor and respect, about upright people, crazy people and doers. An arc of tension from the first remains of the settlement around the birth of Christ to the resurrection from ruins.

Duration: approx. 1 hour / 9.00 euros per person, minimum price 150.00 euros

(bookable from 17 participants, all year round)

The "Big Bertha": Get your steam engine maintenance certificate!

Together in a team of up to 20 people you will work on our “Dicken Bertha” - a 26.5 ton original Borsig steam engine. Get unique insights into pioneering technology and solve the puzzle of the connecting rod cover plate. Particularly suitable for the women of creation. A unique incentive that is only offered on the STOBER estate.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours 35.00 euros per person, including a welcome drink

(bookable from 5 participants, all year round)

"Print yourself": Hot off the press from our lithography workshop

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of printing and learn different printing techniques, e.g. B. Know about letterpress, gravure and planographic printing and take a self-made print home with you as a souvenir.

Duration: from. 2 hours 49.00 euros per person including material and welcome drink

(bookable from 8 to max. 20 participants, all year round)

“Everything is good, almost everything is great!”: Our popular cooking course with our kitchen team

Conjure up a tasty 4-course menu as a team! Our kitchen team takes you on an exciting tour through the kitchen of Brandenburg and ensures an individual and entertaining touch with personal stories. All of the recipes can be traced from the farm to the plate in the history of their origins - it tastes twice as good! We recommend booking the right wine tasting to go with the menu. At the end you will receive a little surprise.
“Everything is good, almost everything is great!” Our popular cooking course with our kitchen team

Duration: approx. 3 hours / 99.00 euros per person plus 25.00 euros per person - wine tasting

(bookable from 6 to 20 participants, September to April) Dates from May to August after individual consultation.

"Shaken, not stirred" - mix cocktails like a bartender

Our service team will take you into the world of enjoyment of sweet and exotic cocktails. Our service team will reveal all the tricks so that you can soon serve your guests a very special drink. Whether the well-known Caipi or a fancy Jamaica Banana Bay, our bartender mixes, mixes and garnishes a selection of delicious cocktails together with your guests.
Mix "Shaken, not stirred" cocktails like a bartender

Duration: approx. 4 hours from 45.50 euros per person including 3 types of cocktails & a surprise bartender for 4 hours.

(bookable from 10 participants, all year round)

“Healthy and Vital”: lively conference breaks and active supporting programs for a more WE feeling

Historische Postkarte

"All in one boat": Dragon boat - sporting challenge on the Groß Behnitzer See

Team building and action - when you go dragon boating, not only are everyone literally in the same boat. Accompanied by an experienced helmsman, you can explore the Groß-Behnitzer See or solve tasks on a paper chase on the water. If you like it sportier, you can compete fairly against your competitors during a dragon boat race. Fun is guaranteed and so much fresh air whets your appetite. Whether BBQ or a menu with regional specialties, we would be happy to make you an offer.
"All in one boat" Dragon boat - sporting challenge on the Groß-Behnitzer See

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours from 49.50 euros per person

(bookable from 7 participants, from April to September)

“With a bow and arrow” ”A shot straight into the black

Do you have a steady hand? Our exciting team event focuses not only on the personal challenge of concentration, body awareness, endurance and accuracy, but also, above all, on mutual help and support. After professional instruction, the participants can start right away: The teams compete together or against each other while shooting at the same time.

Duration: from. 1 hour 35.00 euros per person

(bookable from 15 to 200 participants, year-round regardless of the weather - roofing or rainwear for all participants)

“Torch hike” Explore the estate with a torch and lots of interesting stories

Enjoy the silence and beauty of nature and learn more about the forests around the Groß-Behnitzer See and the former Borsig dynasty on the estate. Then treat yourself to a hot cup of mulled wine or punch!

Duration: approx. 1 hour 14.90 euros per person, October to April including mulled wine or punch

(bookable from 10 participants)

“Hochrad-Tour” Ride a bike like in your great-grandfather's time

Prove your skill with a very special kind of bike tour. We will provide you with our high-quality bikes, which are based on historical models, for a race or bike tour. A team event that motivates and promotes physical fitness.
“Hochrad-Tour” Ride a bike like in your great-grandfather's time

Duration: approx. 1-2 hours from 29.00 euros per high-speed bike
(max. 2 high bikes available)

"Tabtour" The digital scavenger hunt

Equipped with an expedition case full of high-tech, groups are literally on the trail of team spirit. Move through the surroundings of the estate, discover the history of this exciting place and face the challenges. At various points (tabspots) on the estate, the participants encounter tricky puzzles or exciting team tasks. The possible uses of the tabtour are very diverse. It can be carried out as a learning, play or conference module in one or more locations at the same time.

Duration: from. 2 hours from 70.00 euros per person

(bookable from 15 to 1000 participants, all year round)

“Team - Olympiad” event with head, heart and hand

Gripping team tasks, skill exercises, puzzles and other challenging activities await the teams. In an exciting competition you will cross dangerous rivers, conquer snowstorms, overcome obstacles, launch rockets and much more. Which team will manage to collect the most points and be the most successful at the Olympics? With individually adapted tasks and a selection from over 100 tools and exercises, we are happy to put the Team Olympics in the context of your conference.

Duration: from 2.5 hours 45.00 euros per person

(bookable from 10 to 120 participants, all year round)

"On your marks, set, raft!" Like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

Led by professional guides, the teams are given various materials to build a floatable and stable raft. Communication and team spirit are required. Everyone gets involved, because manual and creative tasks await. After the construction phase, the teams present their structures and name them. A lot of fun is inevitable here when the teams perform your christening sayings, poems or even songs. Afterwards, the test drive shows whether the self-made raft really carries the team on the water.

Duration: from 2 hours from 60.00 euros per person

(bookable from 15 to 100 participants, April to October)


The location of our conference location 30km from Berlin

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